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  • Bank induced borrower to refinance of a higher interest rate, then refused to modify loan because borrowers were current. Borrowers waited too long to sue while they searched for options.

  • Bank foreclosed during mortgage modification consideration, before borrower's documents were due.

  • Private lender foreclosed after 3 months, claiming that borrower had not made payments. Borrower had evidence of contacts with server to set up automatic payments. Borrower sued for reimbursement of $195,000 in additional interest and attorney’s fees charged during 10 months.

  • Resolution of claims of failure to complete promised loan modification, wrongful foreclosure.

  • Resolution of wrongful foreclosure, breach of contract, failure to disclose existing underlying second deed of trust.

  • Resolution of claims of wrongful foreclosure, failure to complete promised loan modification, negligence and loss of loan file

  • Resolution of wrongful eviction post-foreclosure, disposal of property by bank representative, lock-out, lender liability for failure to investigate occupancy.

  • Resolution of claim against bank for failure to disclose the existence of a meth lab in foreclosed REO property when selling to new buyer with small children, and liability for
    clean-up, rescission.

  • Resolution of failure to complete refinance, claims of falsification of income, failure to disclose information on TILA accurately.

  • Resolution of several cases in 2014 regarding failure of real estate agents and/or loan brokers to disclose the existence of Mello-Roos or other bonds/taxes that substantially increased monthly obligations of buyers/borrowers.