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  • Plaintiff and Defendants were partners in 10 franchise of fast food restaurants. Both own multiple other franchises. A dispute between partners alleged misuse of funds, money owed. Smaller partner bought out larger partner.

  • As part of a unique ethno-cultural group, the parties had engaged in years of business dealings, some documented, some not. Upon the death of a major player, the parties began making conflicting claims for properties and money owed. After the disputes escalated, all parties sought the mediator's help in resolving the current financial relationships. Although the case initially presented as a breach of contract, it was actually a collapsing web of years of secret and open dealings that involved many families and properties in the Bay Area.

  • Resolution of dispute over purchase/sale of bar, dissolution of joint venture to operate bar.

  • Resolution of dissolution of closely held corporation and sale of shares of Mexican company, in Spanish.

  • Resolution of claims of breach of contract for purchase/sale of construction equipment and supplies.

  • Resolution of forced buyout of founding partner in tech manufacturing and production company. All partners agreed to meet with the mediator without litigation in an effort to orchestrate buyout and negotiate consulting contract for exiting partner and distribution of current accounts and future profits.

  • Resolution of buyout of former partner in electrical supply business. Valuation of interest offset by losses allegedly caused by departing partner.

  • Resolution of dissolution of partnership and valuation of interests in firearms store. Impact of change in firearms sale law on present and future value of the company.

  • Resolution of claims of failure to disclose toxic materials in used-oil trucking contract, and responsibility for clean-up and remediation.