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  • Two therapists at the specialty pre-school were terminated for absenteeism. They claimed FMLA/CFRA violations.

  • Waitress was physically and sexually harassed by kitchen manager. Her hours were cut after she complained, 4 other women came forward with similar but time-barred complaint.

  • Plaintiff alleged failure to engage in interactive process and termination due to post-pregnancy disability. Defendant alleged that they offered a suitable position until plaintiff recovered. The case was seriously complicated by issues surrounding battered and abused women.

  • Resolution of claim of gender discrimination at a major hospital involving harassment and failure to offer promotion opportunities, excessive and discriminatory monitoring of work.

  • Resolution of claim of racial and gender discrimination against a large employment-resolution company - failure to distribute workload equitably, excessive allotment of undesirable territories and routes.

  • Resolution of claim of failure to grant FMLA and CIFRA, wrongful denial of leave, discrimination based on disability (mobility) against a school district.

  • Resolution of claim of racial discrimination and alleged failure to allocate desirable shifts equitably against a large food/snack restaurant chain.

  • Resolution of claim of racial discrimination, wrongful discharge, failure to promote, whistle-blowing and failure to hire by use of pre-textural examination questions by Spanish speaking employees against City.

  • Resolution of claims of disability discrimination and failure to accommodate (mobility and mental disability) against hospital.

  • Resolution of claims of age discrimination against a family-owned restaurant, Spanish speaking.

  • Resolution of substantial claims of sexual harassment of female farmworkers by male supervisors and owner of labor-providing consortium. Wrongful termination after filing DFEH complaint. Multiple plaintiffs. Spanish speaking.

  • Resolution of claims of extensive and pervasive sexual harassment, threats, coercion and wrongful denial of meal and rest breaks for refusal of sexual attentions, brought by multiple plaintiffs against a restaurant. Spanish speaking.

  • Resolution of claim of failure to provide interactive process after onset of disability, racial discrimination and retaliation brought by long-term employee against medical devices manufacturer.

  • Resolution of claim of wrongful denial of CIFRA and reasonable accommodations and reduction in hours and assignment to undesirable shifts, brought by employee after kidney surgery against restaurant employer. Spanish speaking.

  • Resolution of claim of gender discrimination brought by female employee against technology company alleging failure to give fair evaluations and project assignments, denial of equal access to training, benefits, telecommuting and other privileges granted to male employees.

  • Resolution of claim of discrimination based on pregnancy, wrongful termination, failure to re-hire following pregnancy leave, and denial of pregnancy leave against a bar.

  • Resolution of claim of discrimination due to disability (mental), perceived disability (physical), brought by extremely tall and large male against paint store.

  • Resolution of claim of harassment by male supervisor of female employee, sexual battery, intimidation and coercion, at county refuse dump.

  • Resolution of claim against franchise of national fast-food company for discrimination based on gender transition from male to female, refusal to grant reasonable accommodations during transition, refusal to permit use of new female name or wearing of women's uniform. Spanish speaking.

  • Resolution of claims by male employee of discrimination and sexual harassment against family-owned market owners due to sexual orientation. Spanish speaking.

  • Resolution of breach of employee's right to privacy, wrongful termination, harassment.