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Probate, Estates & Trusts

  • Resolution of dispute among adult heirs of parents' estate, valuation of ongoing accounting business; and distribution of profits.

  • Resolution of dispute between unmarried, co-habiting partners over disposition of assets, including car, real estate and business inherited by one partner but managed by the other.

  • Resolution of dispute between brother and sister, adult heirs to family business, regarding division of assets and "loans" to one sibling from business while acting as controlling manager during parent's final illness.

  • Resolution of dispute over family trust, which was acting as landlord in a strip-mall owned by the trust, seeking to evict tenants, whose business was owned by children of disfavored deceased family member whose estate formed bulk of trust.

  • Resolution of dispute among adult heirs of parent who was financially dependent on one son but had the other son and his girlfriend and children residing in family home with him at the time of death.

  • Resolution among seven surviving adult children and children of deceased siblings over unproductive rural property being targeted for commercial development.

  • Resolution of claims of undue influence among multiple heirs, including two sisters arrested but not convicted of assault on deceased parent; elder abuse.

  • Resolution of dispute between brothers: conspiracy to defraud one another by over- or under-valuing some or all of nine jointly held properties, sales to straw buyers to skew division of inherited lots. In Spanish.

  • Resolution of claim by collection agency that elderly father assigned rights to collection on judgment to agency, but son collected the judgment notwithstanding the assignment under a power of attorney given by the father ten years before the judgment, and failed to turn over funds to father, and failed to pay commission to agency.