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Real Estate

  • Plaintiff neglected to pay rent on a regular basis. Landlord issued 3-day eviction notices every month on the second of the month to generate an eviction of the rent-controlled apartment. Tenant sued landlord for harassment. Case settled for $75,000.

  • Developer sought to purchase two sub dividable lots from seller but miscommunications cause the sale to fall through. In an action for specific performance, settlement resulted in re-negotiated deal suitable to all.

  • Arbitration award compromise amount was paid off through but written compromise negotiated by agent.

  • Seller did not tell buyer that remodel, including removal of load-bearing wall, was done without permits. Contractor was seller's friend, license suspended, and no written contract.

  • Former domestic partners owned property in joint tenancy. At the end of the relationship, one party returned to Mexico and made no contributions to mortgage or taxes. Remaining partner could not refinance or sell. Parties sued for partition and contribution.

  • Landlord failed to provide CC+Rs to tenant upon lease and failed to tell tenant that HOA enforced every detail of CC+Rs. After move-in, a landlord repeatedly visited tenant, sometimes entering the garage to talk to tenant about violations of rules.

  • Resolution of claims for failure to maintain habitability under §8 subsidized housing, wrongful eviction.

  • Resolution of foreclosure on private Note and Deed of Trust, non-disclosure.

  • Resolution of real estate non-disclosure claims in purchase and sale of residence.

  • Resolution of Boundary dispute on a rural property and cattle grazing rights based upon interpretation of creek as boundary when creek's location moved over 50 years.

  • Resolution of wrongful foreclosure claims, failure of title company to note existing liens.

  • Resolution of breach of residential real estate purchase contract: fraud in the inducement, broker negligence, breach of fiduciary duty.

  • Resolution of claim of failure to pay commission after real estate purchase fell through.

  • Resolution of claim of fraud in real estate purchase, diversion of funds to Swiss bank accounts, and sale of nonexistent rights to property.

  • Resolution of claim of breach of commercial lease, failure to pay holdover rent or early termination fees.

  • Resolution of failure to complete conversion to Tenants In Common, breach of contract and fraud claims in purchase/sale of property.

  • Resolution of claims that subdivision map failed to disclose existence of creeks and water right-of-way, and that property was used by teenagers as night-time party spot, preventing large commercial developer from building access roads and having its construction project repeatedly vandalized.

  • Resolution of claims by HOA that owner was in violation of CCRs for inappropriate use of garage; claims of discrimination and harassment due to race.

  • Resolution of claims of failure to complete sale of real estate, despite existence of willing buyer; breach of contract; claim for commission.

  • Resolution of neighbor boundary dispute, claims of failure to redirect water away from lower property, use of shared driveway and existence of easement.